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As an artist at Treja Beauty, I stand beside excellent service offering cosmetic and fine-line tattooing in a nurturing environment. In addition, I also offer micro-channeling, scar therapy, and tattoo lightening. Details are everything for each unique face. Everything I see is art; the brilliance of colors, the precise lines, the blending and shading and all the small details are the ways in which I focus on each face brought into Treja Beauty. I am a perfectionist and in my art I strive for balance and the gentle beauty that each face neutrally expresses. I believe tattoo is an art form and can enhance natural beauty and boost confidence.

I have made a commitment to enhance, encourage and empower the lives of those around us through beauty and health. We promote other women-owned businesses and locally owned businesses whenever we have found a product we'd love to share with the world.


Customize your look 
simplify your routine

Cosmetic Tattoo is for those who are on the run, for those who need to save time and money, for anybody who has a hard time putting on their makeup, and for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty through a non-invasive procedure. Every single person has a unique face deserving a customizable experience, catering to their specific needs, wants and offering a result that is one of a kind. 


Take a look at the before and afters, the healed results, and part of the process of your cosmetic tattoo experience



1818 La Plaza Suite 100, Cotati, CA


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